Addressing the cyberthreat challenges of digital transformation

As credit unions continue on the path to digital transformation, many are developing cyber secure systems as a core component of their digital transformation strategy.

A cyber secure system is a core building block for any digital transformation strategy and many credit unions are working to ensure their employee and member safety through a variety of initiatives.


Developing Cyber Secure Credit Unions


WOCCU Member CULedger Is Creating Premier Verifiable Digital Exchange for Financial Cooperatives

In working through a national consortium made up of credit unions and trusted industry investors, CULedger has pioneered new developments related to global self-sovereign decentralized identity, that will further enhance the trust credit unions have with their members.



Cybersecurity Assessment Results from Kenya

A 2018 survey by Serianu Ltd reported that 97% of SACCOs in Kenya spend less than USD 10,000 a year on cybersecurity. With the demand for digital services at an all time high, what can SACCOs do to continue to invest in their cybersecurity strategies?