WOCCU traverses

Digitizing Lending

Digitization expands WOCCU’s impact, expanding credit, and lowering cost and risk.

Credit unions deliver affordable finance to small
businesses and entrepreneurs around the world.


Facilitating Digital Lending


WOCCU and FENACOAC create a new digital lending application

With our new digital solution, credit unions can deliver loans to small businesses in just 48-hours with less paperwork, fewer transactional costs, and a reduced risk of losses.



Loan Analysis & Monitoring of Rural Farmers' Credit Worthiness - potential analytic software for credit unions (Ukraine)  

We tested a Ukrainian-built software for online loan assessment; the initial pilot group of loans were disbursed to farmers for a total of 2 million Ukrainian hryvnia (US $75,000) through central credit unions and their regional branches.



De-risking Lending to Small Farmers
Android App for Credit Unions (Kenya)

WOCCU and KUSCCO developed and tested an application to work with WOCCU's innovative agricultural lending methodology



Farm and Production Mapping 
App for Loan Support Monitoring (Kenya)

To de-risk agriculture loans, WOCCU is testing new digital tools for credit union lenders to monitor the crop production of borrowers' farms.